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Annie Edson Taylor

(Teacher/Dare Devil)

24 October 1838 – 29 April 1921 (Aged 82)

Born in Auburn, New York, USA. Died in Lockport, New York, USA.

Annie Edson Taylor was a teacher by profession but became renowned as a daredevil after becoming the first person to survive riding down the Niagara Falls in a barrel, on October 24, 1901.

Taylor had hoped the stunt would garner her fame and fortune, but she never earned the money she hoped she would.

She spent her later years posing for photographs with tourists at her souvenir stand, before dying in New York at the age of 82.

Enrico Caruso


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25 February 1873 – 2 August 1921 (Aged 48)

Born in Naples, Italy. Died in Naples, Italy.

Caruso was a famous Italian operatic tenor, who took part in the world’s first public broadcast in New York City on January 13, 1910.

Caruso starred as the lead tenor in New York’s Metropolitan Opera, while also making over 260 recordings during his career, and having appearances in silent films.

In the final year of his life, Caruso had numerous health problems, lapsing into a coma and nearly dying of heart failure, before dying from what is thought to have been from a burst subphrenic abscess.

Caruso was one of the first global celebrities and was one of the most famous personalities of his day.

In 1987, he was posthumously awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Pinckney Pinchback

(Activist/U.S. Governor)

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10 May 1837 – 21 December 1921 (Aged 84)

Born in Macon, Georgia, USA. Died in Washington D.C., USA.

Pinckney Pinchback was an American politician most famous for being the first U.S. state governor to be the descendant of a slave.

He fought as a Captain in the Union Army during the American Civil War, before his election as governor in Louisiana during the 1870s. He also served on the state legislature.

Henry Starr

(American West Outlaw)

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2 December 1873 – 22 February 1921 (Aged 47)

Born in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, USA. Harrison, Arkansas, USA.

Starr was renowned as a bank robber in the old American West, who was estimated to have robbed more banks, and stolen more money, than the sum total of all the rest of the gangs combined at the time.

During his life, he received a pardon from President Theodore Roosevelt, while also starring as himself in a silent film about his bank-robbing ways.

Starr was romanticized as the last of his breed of Wild West outlaws.