Credit: @discover_arranmore
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Arranmore is an island off the west coast of County Donegal.

The island’s way marked trails lead you from sandy beaches to rocky cliffs, with breathtaking views over the Atlantic.

The island lies 5 km (3 miles) off Burtonport, a small coastal village in The Rosses, and it is served by two ferry services.

The island has been settled since ‘pre-Celtic times’, with a promontory fort to the south of the island, which dates from about 800BC, and shell middens dotted along the beaches.

Its position near the Atlantic shipping lanes was exploited, with a coastguard station and a lighthouse on the most north-westerly point.

It was also a World War II monitoring post.

You can try activities such as diving, sea angling, sailing, and kayaking. The island is also popular with birdwatchers.

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