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Beale Beach, a Kerry Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point, stretches for over 3 kilometers along the Shannon estuary in North Kerry, allowing for a lovely walk around the headland.

The nearby sand dunes provide a chance to get a bird’s eye view of the beach and an opportunity for a spot of birdwatching.

At Beal Point, there is a chance for sea angling enthusiasts to try their luck fishing.

It should be noted that the water currents in this area can make swimming dangerous at times.

Along the beach, the remains of the Thetis shipwreck can be seen.

The Thetis was a two-masted sailing ship that was driven onto the shores of Beale Beach during a storm on 30 November 1834. Nine of the crew drowned, while the remaining men were able to swim ashore.

However, during a salvage operation on the Thetis, it was found to be carrying a cargo of contraband tobacco. The surviving crew was arrested and tried for smuggling in Tralee.

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