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Crosshaven is a village located in lower Cork Harbour at the mouth of the Owenabue river.

Crosshaven was originally a Viking settlement, which became a fishing village, but recent years have seen the area’s economy become more reliant on the tourism industry.

A short distance upriver is “Drake’s Pool”, named after a hiding spot used by Britain’s Sir Francis Drake to elude the Spanish Armada in the 1700s.

The nearby Fort Templebreedy and Camden Fort Meagher were British outposts until the Treaty Ports installations were ceded to Ireland in 1938. 

The village is home to the Royal Cork Yacht Club (RCYC) which has had its headquarters in the village since 1966. It was established in 1720 and is recognized as the oldest in the world.

Among a number of popular walks, is the beautiful walk from Kilnagleary to Crosshaven, mostly along the old Cork to Crosshaven railway line which operated in the early 1900s.

The town is mentioned in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses, whose aunt founded the local secondary school.

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