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Inchydoney is a small island only a few kilometres from Clonakilty, which was connected to the mainland by two causeways in the mid-1840s.

The beautiful and family-friendly Blue Flag beach has excellent surfing conditions, with a surf school also operating there.

The island was bestowed on the Hungerford family, who had come from England with Cromwell’s forces in 1647.

In 1905, Mary Hungerford attempted to block local people using a path across their land to get to the beach, leading to locals tearing down the gates and claiming their right to a public pathway.

The remaining Hungerford family left Ireland in 1921, after Cahermore House in Rosscarbery, which they also owned, was burned down by the IRA.

The length of rock which juts out into the Atlantic separating the two beaches is known as the Virgin Mary’s Bank, owing to the legend that Mary is supposed to have appeared there to pray during the 16th century. 

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