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Kilcoe Castle is located in Roaringwater Bay, close to the village of Ballydehob in West Cork.

It was built around 1450 by the Clan of Dermod MacCarthy.

The castle was one of the last castles in the Barony of Carbery to fall to English forces after the Battle of Kinsale.

In 1603, the castle surrendered to Crown Forces following a lengthy siege, after which it fell into a state of ruin.

In 1998, the actor Jeremy Irons bought the Castle and has done a magnificent refurbishment job on what was a ruin when purchased. 

Important to note, Kilcoe Castle is a private home, so it can not be visited.

Here’s an article with Jeremy Irons discussing how he came to buy the castle and the extensive restoration work he carried out on it. Click here to read.

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