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Letterfrack is a small village in the Connemara area of County Galway.

It was founded by Quakers in the mid-19th century.

Letterfrack contains the visitors centre for Connemara National Park and is the starting point for some lovely walks including a track all the way to the top of the Diamond Mountain suitable for the most inexperienced hill walker.

Letterfrack was selected by Guglielmo Marconi as the location for the transatlantic wireless receiver station for his new duplex transatlantic wireless service.

The Duplex operation was initially developed by Marconi at Letterfrack and quickly became standard practice for commercial and military radiotelegraph communication worldwide.

Beginning in 1913, eastbound messages were sent from Marconi Towers, a high power wireless station in Nova Scotia, to Letterfrack.

Westbound messages were sent simultaneously from the Clifden high power wireless station to Louisbourg. The Letterfrack station was closed in April 1917.

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