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Imre Nagy

(Hungarian Prime Minister)

7 June 1896 – 16 June 1958 (Aged 62)

Nagy was a Hungarian communist politician who, after becoming prime minister, withdrew Hungary from the Warsaw Pact, and spearheaded the failed Hungarian Uprising of 1956.

In the aftermath of the uprising, the Soviets arrested, charged with treason, found guilty, and executed.

The trial and execution were only made public after his hanging had been carried out.

Duncan Edwards

(English Footballer)

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1 October 1936 – 21 February 1958 (Aged 21)

Edwards was an English footballer regarded as one of the best players of his generation.

He formed part of the famed ‘Busby Babes’ team of Manchester United, under manager Matt Busby.

Tragically, Edwards was one of eight United players killed after the Munich air disaster.

Edwards survived the crash itself but succumbed to his injuries, including fractured legs and badly damaged kidneys, 2 weeks later.

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Pope Pius XII

(Catholic Pope)

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2 March 1876 – 9 October 1958 (Aged 82)

Pope Pius XII reigned as Pope of the Roman Catholic church from 1939 until his death in 1958.

Prior to being Pope, Pius XII signed the Reichskonkordat with Nazi Germany on July 20, 1933. This was done in an attempt to protect the church within Nazi Germany.

In his role as Pope, he spoke out against war and race-based killing, however, controversy remains surrounding his apparent silence at the treatment of Jews during the war.

Following his death, his embalming was botched due to the heat of the room in which his body was kept. He is buried in a grotto beneath St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

Tyrone Power


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5 May 1914 – 15 November 1958 (Aged 44)

Power was an American stage and film actor best known for his role in Witness for the Prosecution and Blood and Sand.

He was known for his striking looks and playing the role of the romantic lead.

During the filming of Solomon and Sheba, Power was filming a scene with George Sanders when he suffered a massive heart attack, dying only hours later.

W.C. Handy


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16 November 1873 – 28 March 1958 (Aged 84)

Handy was an influential American songwriter and musician.

He played a key role in making Blues music popular, bringing it to the masses throughout his career.

Producing numerous hits for much of his life, Handy’s influence has lived on, with many recognizing him as the Father of the Blues.

After falling from a subway platform, Handy was left blind and wheelchair-bound for the remainder of his life. He died from pneumonia at the age of 84.