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Bandon, from the Irish “Bridge of the Bandon”, a reference to the town being a crossing-point on the river Bandon.

The town was founded by Richard Boyle, Great Earl of Cork, who planted vast estates with English and Scottish settlers.

In 1689, Bandon was the setting for a clash between Jacobite and Williamite forces during the War of the Two Kings.

During the Irish War of Independence, Major General Arthur Ernest Percival was the commander of the British garrison in Bandon (1920-21).

In 1941, Percival was the commanding officer of the British troops who surrendered Singapore to Japanese forces.

Bandon is the birthplace of much-loved chat show host Graham Norton and Eugene O’Keefe, who emigrated to Toronto and established the O’Keefe Brewery, which later merged with the company now responsible for Carling Black Label, among others.

The Bandon Music Festival takes place every June Bank Holiday weekend.

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