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Castlebar, from the Irish Caisleán an Bharraigh, meaning “Barry’s Castle”, is the county town of County Mayo.

The modern town grew up as a settlement around the de Barry castle, which was built by a Norman adventurer in 1235.

The castle was located at the end of Castle Street, where the town river is thought to have originally flowed.

French forces under the command of General Humbert aided in a rout of the British garrison in the town during the failed Irish Rebellion of 1798, which was so comprehensive it would later be known as “The Races of Castlebar”.

The Irish National Land League was founded by Michael Davitt at the Imperial Hotel in Castlebar on 21 October 1879.

Castlebar has numerous attractions for the visitor. You can take a stroll round Lough Lannagh and visit the Mayo Peace Park.

A must visit is the National Museum of Country Life in Turlough.

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