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Castlegregory is a village on the Dingle Peninsula in West Kerry.

The village is located at the foot of a beautiful, sandy peninsula called the Maharees.  

The area is very popular for outdoor activities like water sports, horse riding and golf. The rolling swells in the area can provide perfect surfing conditions.

Close to Castlegregory is one of the most beautiful places on the Peninsula, Glanteenassig, with its forested area and lakes providing a lovely setting for walking, cycling and fishing.

Home to one of longest beaches in Ireland, it extends for about twelve miles from the Maharees, through Castlegregory and on to Cloghane.

The nearby Connor Pass, Ireland’s highest mountain pass, provides some breathtaking scenery and a bird’s eye view of the peninsula.

Castlegregory is named after the local Chieftain Gregory Hoare, who built a castle here in the 1600s before it was destroyed by Cromwell’s forces in 1650.

There is a popular annual festival in the village every August.

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