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Killorglin is located in the heart of Kerry on the River Laune and on the Ring of Kerry.

The town is best known for one of Ireland’s oldest, longest and unusual festivals, Puck Fair, which takes places every August.

Legend has it that during Cromwellian Ireland, a stampede of wild goats ran through the town warning the residents of the approach of Cromwell’s Army. To celebrate this event a wild Puck goat is captured and enthroned on a pedestal. 

There is a large bronze King Puck statue on the edge of town as you cross the town bridge to enter Killorglin.

The River Laune, on which the town was built, is renowned for its salmon fishing, while there are also river walks and a rowing club.

Home to the award winning Killorglin Cheese, you can sample all the local produce at Killorglin’s Country Market every Friday morning.

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