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Craggaunowen is a 16th-century castle and an archaeological open-air museum in County Clare. It is located 10 km east of Quin, County Clare.

The name Craggaunowen derives from its Irish name Creagán Eoghain, meaning Owen’s little rocky hill.

Craggaunowen Castle was built around 1550 by John MacSioda MacNamara.

During the 1650s at the time of the Cromwellian confiscations, it was left in ruins and rendered uninhabitable by the removal of the roof and staircase, and indefensible by removal of the battlements.

Craggaunowen Castle was restored by John Hunt in the 1960s. Hunt added an extension to the ground floor, which for a while housed part of his collection of antiquities.

The collection now resides in the Hunt Museum in the city of Limerick.

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