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Donegal Town, from the Irish meaning “fort of the foreigners”, is a town in County Donegal.

From the 1470s until the very early 17th century, Donegal was the ‘capital’ of Tír Chonaill, a Gaelic kingdom controlled by the O’Donnell dynasty.

Donegal sits at the mouth of the River Eske and Donegal Bay, which is overshadowed by the Blue Stack Mountains.

Saint Patrick was captured by raiders from the clans governed by Irish King, Niall of the Nine Hostages, and this is the region to which Patrick returned.

The town contains Donegal Castle, on the banks of the River Eske, and the remains of Donegal Abbey, a Franciscan abbey which dates back to the 15th century.

After the Flight of the Earls from North Donegal in 1607, the castle was seized by the English Crown and given to Captain Basil Brooke, as part of the Plantation of Ulster.

There are many sandy beaches in the area of Donegal Town, such as Murvagh beach, with some boasting nice surfing conditions.

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